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Strays Love Us Rescue Program


ADOPTABLE PETS PICS COMING SOON! in the meantime...Stray baby is a rehabilitated feral that was live trapped  from a colony near the SLURP facility. He had a dislocated jaw, worms, flea infestation and had no previous human interaction. 

The cat with the hat is One eared Fred, Fred had been exposed to a couple brutal winters and lost his ear to frostbite then infection set in. He had to fight the feral cat colony for food and survival making him a bit ornery toward all cats and humans. Well, with medical treatment,  time and love.....we are proud to say both are permanent residents of SLURP and total success stories.

Orphaned kitten has been adopted and is now living in a loving forever home.  Macy, The dirty dog who loves mud puddles and hiking  was dropped off on a back road shortly after giving birth to puppies. She then was left watching her previous owners drive off without her.  No puppies were ever found. Macy has a forever home with SLURP and helps other dogs adjust when entering the facility.


Most of the animals below are available for adoption. Please call for details. 

SLURP has pregnant cats, kittens and the old and tired. Some came to us as feral, others as stray, neglected, abused or abandoned. Some pets just need a place to go while their human companions are going through some changes and need a safe place to be for a little while until they can reunite and Others are lucky enough to be born here at SLURP if the mother was rescued pregnant.  

Our dogs enjoy the long country hikes, creeks and occasional mud puddles. With access to over 30 acres we have lots of room to run and play.  We also have a big yard and lots of shade for those that prefer the more laid back lifestyle.